When it’s hot in the city, swim…

Just when Londoners were giving up hope that the gloom and rain was never going to stop…….. boom – it’s a scorcher.

Railways go into meltdown, water balloon fights get nasty and Starbucks struggle to keep up with the 3,457% rise in demand for Frappucinos.

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Levi’s: latest & greatest

I took an unplanned detour to Levi’s stunning Regent St store to see what was currently on the shelves now the sales have finally been cleared.

It’s true to say I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found; guys, it’s time to get your wallets ready because the latest crop from Levi’s should be right up your street.

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The Creme Egg cafe, London

When you think of Easter, a few things probably pop into your head; rabbits! Jesus! Church! An extra long weekend!! And, of course, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. They’ve been with us since 1963 (that’s right, they’re THAT old) and, despite what we all like to think, evidence suggests they haven’t actually shrunk at all. Our hands are just getting ridiculously big, or something…

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Crossrail does gardens

I finally decided to take a trip to dreaded Canary Wharf (I say dreaded because the thought of endless branches of Pret and depressed-looking City clones fills me with dread) at the weekend to check out the seven-storey Crossrail station.

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The Levi’s Tailor Shop

You know when you have a fresh pair of jeans, and they take a little ‘wearing in’ to get just how you like them?

Levi’s have introduced a new service in some of their stores called The Levi’s Tailor Shop and, in a nutshell, it takes away the need to wear things in before you’re fully comfortable with them.

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Miami: the stuff dreams are made of

Although this happened at the beginning of the year, I’m only just getting around to looking back at my trip to Miami.

It’s fair to say, this is an incredible place if you’re a fan of sunshine, wide open roads (it was part road-trip, after all) and the very best in hotels, restaurants and ‘beautiful people’.

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Here goes nothing…

So here we are.

This is my brand new ‘blog’ showcasing the people, products and places I usually obsess about in private. By that, I mean, all on my own. The difference being, now, I’m sharing this stuff with you right here …if I think it’ll be of interest.

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